About Maintenance SG server 2

We start Maintenance at our singapore server it takes 3 working dyas but dont worry all site live now at eye server if your site isnot live or anything please message us urgent

Maintenance Start Date:16/02/2023 02:24

Maintenance Close Date:19/02/2023 02:24

15th Feb 2023
This is a major outage of the city Seattle.Seattle Location down

This is a major outage of the city Seattle . We do not have any influence on this situation.

We can not fix a power outage of the whole city. Thank you for your understanding!

9th Jan 2023
Sorry ! Invalid invoice

We recover some old data and have an accident some old invoice and new generate invoice send to of our clinets 

or billing depertment almost solved this matter if you have recived any invalid invoice please create an support ticket

sorry again  


Team WooHostBD

25th Oct 2022
Incident in Seattle Data Center

We are experiencing an unexpected electricity issue in our Seattle Data Center. This may cause disruption to our VPS and Dedicated Server customers located in Seattle. Once we will find out the reason, we will provide an update.Please follow the updates on our facebook page and don’t contact our support regarding this issue as we are all focused ... Read More »

24th Sept 2022